Preventing Hidden Household Hazards

Preventing Household Hazards Homes are frequently thought of as safe spaces; refuges from the stressors of the outside world. However, there could be potential health hazards lurking within a house, […]

Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Cost-Effective Ways to Sustainably Update Your Home Buying an old house can feel like a sustainable move. However, the inefficient nature of most older homes can become apparent pretty quickly. Fortunately, […]

Aging-in-Place Home Design

An Aging-in-Place Preparation Guide The idea of “aging in place” revolves around setting up living space to tend to all of one’s needs over a long period of time — […]

DIY Indoor Garden for the Winter

Creating an Indoor Garden for the Winter If you live in a four-season climate, an indoor garden is one option for growing plants during the colder months. Growing a garden […]

How Your Environment Affects Your Mental Health

Can Our Surroundings Really Affect Our Mental Health? Our surroundings — whether indoors or outdoors — directly influence our health. This is true for both physical and mental well-being. According […]



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