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Don’t let this cold winter get you down! The coldest days of the year are just around the corner, and you know what that means? Your heater isn’t working!

Don’t panic- our certified HVAC technicians are always on call to help. With Patriot Pros Heating Services, we guarantee to be at your door in no time with our professional HVAC technicians. We’ll diagnose your problem quickly; repair work can be done – 24 hours per day and 7 days out of every week – by one of our trusted technicians.

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Heating Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services

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Heating Repair & Maintenance

We know how it feels when your heater isn’t working. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days of the year! Our certified technicians will come to fix any problem you might have with heaters fast and efficiently. 

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Furnace & Boiler Installation

When you need heating system replacement, trust the experts at PatriotPros. Our hvac technicians will help find a dependable option that meets your family’s unique needs and is energy efficient!

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Heating Emergency Services

When you need a heating system repair, there’s no one better to call than Patriot Pros. Our professional technicians are on-call around the clock so that we can restore your peace of mind and comfort at any time!

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Whole house Humidifiers

We’re here to help you find the perfect whole-house humidifier for your home in Colorado.With our sleek designs and functionalities that will keep your home at just right temperature all year long (and no matter how dry things get).

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There is a new world of heating and cooling just outside your door, but you may not know what to do with it. A smart thermostat will help keep track on energy usage in order for you cut back when necessary without sacrificing comfort or safety!


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Duct Cleaning

The air quality in your home is important, which why we’re here to help you maintain it! We can take care of all those pesky dust and allergens for good by cleaning out the ducts.

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Maintenance Plan

Heating system maintenance is essential for you to get the maximum life out of your HVAC. PatriotPros presidents club offers a discounted rate and priority service with their professional team that will save time, money & reduce risk in case anything goes wrong!

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You deserve to be comfortable year round. That’s why we offer financing for people who need it most – whether you’re just starting out or looking at replacing an old unit, our service is there with flexible payment options that allow your budget peace-of mind so all can enjoy relief!

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