Five Common Drainage Issues

Plumbing Drainage issues

What to Know About Common Drainage Issues

Fruit peelings, grease, hair, mineral build-up, and toilet paper—these are among the most common drainage issues of plumbing problems for Castle Rock residents and homeowners elsewhere in Colorado. Usually, these cases are discovered too late. Here are five areas in the home you should keep an eye on, as they are prone to drain problems.

1) Bathroom Sink

People use the bathroom sink when brushing their teeth or washing their faces and hands. The problem with the plumbing in the bathroom sink is that it is prone to scum build up, which comes from the chemical reaction of soap with the minerals in your water. These deposits will line the inner surface of your bathroom sink’s pipes, eventually clogging the drain.

Simply using a plunger won’t solve the problem. Removing these deposits will require the services of a professional who can operate the pressure washing equipment needed to unclog your bathroom sink. Nevertheless, you can make the plumbing technician’s job easier by pouring a solution of baking soda and boiling water into your bathroom sink. This will slightly soften the scum that formed in your bathroom sink’s pipes, making it easier to remove anything causing drainage issues.

2) Bathtub

Hair and soap residue can clog bathtub drains. Placing a hair screen over the drain can help prevent clogging. You can try pouring boiling water down the drain to remove soap residue. If boiling water doesn’t work, you’ll need to bring in a professional as something else (such as a rat) could be blocking your pipes. They might have to remove your pipes to diagnose and fix the problem.

3) Clogged toilets

Kids sometimes flush coins, soap, toys and other things down the toilet, which could cause it to choke. When that happens, the water inside will overflow. Using a toilet as a wastebasket for chewing gum and toilet paper will also ruin your toilet. Although a homeowner like you may feel disgusted when dealing with a clogged toilet, ignoring it won’t solve the problem. If you feel that using a plunger is too gross for you to handle, you can always have a professional do your dirty work for you. Sometimes, using a toilet plunger won’t solve the problem, and you’ll have to call someone from downtown Castle Rock to help you with your toilet issues.

4) Kitchen sink

Most people make the mistake of pouring bones, eggshells, paper, peelings, and other waste products down their kitchen sink. They may also forget to remove leftover food before washing dishes. As a result, the kitchen sink is often plagued by drain problems. Furthermore, baking soda, boiling water, and other lubricants won’t unclog your kitchen sink. You’ll really need to hire a plumber. He can disassemble the pipes under your kitchen sink, after which he will remove whatever is clogging your drain.

5) Sewer systems

Sewer system drainage problems are every Colorado homeowners’ worst nightmare, especially if the sewer line in question lies within their property. Grease and oil are among the most common causes of sewer blockages, as these substances can congeal and clog up sewer pipes. These substances are water-resistant as well, which makes them difficult to remove. A professional has the chemicals and skills needed to clear sewer pipes. An untrained homeowner like you won’t be able to unclog them by himself. 

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