Guide: How to Save Time & Money with Your Plumbing

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Save Time & Money with Your Plumbing

Whether it’s fixing a simple leak under the kitchen sink or full on DIY-ing the plumbing of your entire home, there are different strategies and approaches that you can use to get the job done. That being said, not all approaches are going to work. To find what will work best just follow this easy to use plumbing guide.

Fortunately, there’s not always a need to get on the phone and call up your local plumber for a quick fix. Here are our 9 favorite plumbing guide tips and tricks for solving common plumbing issues in your home!

Pipe insulation is the best protection against sprayer snarls

Do you still need to yank your kitchen sink sprayer like a madman before you can get it out? Perhaps hose is catching on the shut-off valves under your sink, which explains the resistance. Luckily, fixing this common issue is cheap and easy. All you have to do is drop by your nearest home center and pick up a ½-inch foam pipe insulation. Once you get home, simply place and tape it over the pipes and shut-off valve handles!

Save your pipes with adhesive-backed felt

If you frequently use hot water, chances are your copper pipes might be taking quite a hit. This is because the high temperatures can cause them to expand and rub against all the other components. Attaching strips of adhesive-backed felt where the hanger latches on the pipe will benefit your pipes in the long run.

Expanding foam cuts out unwanted sink noise

Cancel out the irritating sounds coming from your sink by filling the space between your sink basins with expanding foam! After neatly setting in the expanding foam, trim the excess off for a much neater look.

Get hard objects out of the drain with a vacuum

Is the dog’s toy stuck down your drain or toilet again? You might want to spare your toilet plunger and save some time by sucking the object out with a wet/dry shop vacuum- a quick fix for a “complicated” problem!

Use a magnet to find a sneaky pipe

There’s no need to tear the house apart; a rare earth magnet with electrical fishing line attached to it as well as a compass are all the tools you’ll need to find hidden pipes under the floor! Just pass the magnet-fishing line tape combination through the cleanout plug and into the drain lines, which will be found along with the hidden pipe when the magnet starts turning wildly.

Flush the toilet with a bucket

There’s no need to panic when your toilet won’t flush. Simply flush out your toilet with a 2-gallon bucket of water and it will be as good as new!

Keep track of your home’s inner workings with your phone

Before you close up your walls, ceilings, and floors after remodeling, it might be a good idea to take a picture with your phone of what’s inside so that you can easily track the electrical and plumbing lines when it’s time for another home-improvement project!

Skip the sink trap removal mess with a plunger

By pushing the water out of the sink trap, a few plunges with the toilet plunger will make taking the sink trap out much neater. Double-sinks require plugging the other one first to control the air pressure, while screw-down strainers need to be held down while plunging. 

Got a plumbing problem that you can’t handle on your own from our plumbing guide? Get in touch with Patriot Pros today! We specialize in emergency plumbing services in Castle Rock.

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