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Meet Anthony Charouhas, Service Technician of Patriot Pros

Javier Hoggard, grew up in Rota, Spain with his mom, and siblings. His mother was a single mom of three living and working on naval base in Spain, when she met Javi’s Step Dad, a Navy man, Daniel Hoggard. They fell in love and Daniel Hoggard and became the man who Javi loved and honored as Dad. Javi’s stepfather Daniel was a proud American who played a huge role in the development of Javi’s love for this country, his desire to become an American Citizen and his belief that in America — anyone can make it as long as they have the drive to do it. 


Javi became a US citizen at the age of 17 and took a job as a deep sea diver in the oil field where he traveled the seas, working on pipes under water. He knew that he would want a family and didn’t like being gone 10 months out of the year, so he left the oil industry and took a plumbing apprentice job. A plumbing career allowed him to build upon the skills he had learned putting pipes together under water and he added to those skills quickly as he began to educate himself in the field of plumbing and home services. He learned, he grew and he pushed himself to be the best he could be in every area of this business. Technical knowledge became an obsession. 


Javier’s love for his country is what fueled his passion and drive to succeed, so it made sense that when he started a drain company in 1997, that he called it Patriot Drains. 


Over the years, Javi’s work ethic and passion for learning and being the best helped grow Patriot's services beyond drains into every area of the home. Today, Patriot Pros Plumbing, Drains, Heating and Air is a full-service home maintenance contractor who has been proudly serving the Castle Rock, CO area for over 21 years. 

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