How Do You Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Home AC?

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Is your home always warm and muggy in the summer, even though your AC runs all the time? Does your AC keep shutting off before cooling your indoor air to the desired temperature? Have you noticed that the airflow is very weak or that the AC blows warm air instead of cold?

Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Home AC?

The good news is that you should be able to solve these issues without replacing your AC equipment. A few minor repairs or even some simple AC maintenance steps can fix these problems in no time.

On the other hand, some AC problems indicate that your system is beyond repair. For instance, if your system is too old or outdated or if it breaks down constantly, you may need to replace it.

So, how can you tell whether to replace or repair your AC? This guide explains everything you need to know about this. Read on to learn more.


Try These Steps First

A lot of common AC problems are caused by neglecting maintenance. Thus, you might be able to solve your issues with these two AC maintenance steps.

Change Your Air Filter

First, check your AC air filter. It’s located in the indoor unit of your AC system (usually in your garage, basement, or hallway closet).

The AC system in your house works hard to keep you cool and comfortable. But, when the air filter is dirty it can stop working as well!

Air filters should be changed about once every three months because they get clogged with dust or other debris over time if not cleaned out on schedule – but don’t wait until there are signs that say “replace.” Check yours today before things heat up (or cold!)

Test Your Thermostat

Your AC problem may be a thermostat problem. Test every setting and feature of your thermostat one by one. If your thermostat is not behaving as it should, try replacing it.

Also, consider whether other people in the house might be changing the settings without your knowledge. Similarly, your thermostat may be operating according to a programmed schedule you didn’t know about.

These scenarios can also be mistaken for air conditioner problems. Find out whether these are causing your supposed AC issues before you call for repairs.


Signs You Should Repair Your Home AC

There are some pretty obvious signs that your AC needs work, but if you don’t see them then there may be other factors at play.

However! Once these problems arise they can cause major issues for homeowners and businesses alike so it’s best to take care of this as soon as possible rather than waiting around only wishing things were better when in reality nothing has changed except the weather outside (which everyone likes).

The AC Blows Warm Air

When warm air is coming from your AC vents, it might indicate a blockage in your AC system or low refrigerant levels. It could also mean that your compressor is failing.

The first thing you should do is make sure your air filter isn’t too dirty. Also, check your outdoor unit for ice buildup and deice it. If these steps don’t work, call a professional.

The Airflow Is Weak

A blockage can also weaken the airflow. Weak airflow might also be due to a fan malfunction.

Take a look at your fan (in the outdoor unit). Clear away any debris and lubricate the fan if you’re able. Make sure the system is off when you do this.

Call a certified HVAC technician if this doesn’t help.

Your House Is Too Humid

Running your AC should dehumidify your indoor air, as long as it’s functioning correctly. However, this is not true of swamp cooler air conditioners.

If your house is extra humid even when the AC is on, you’re probably low on refrigerant. Call a professional right away to get this fixed.

The AC Runs All the Time

Your air conditioning unit should be able to cool your house without running constantly. If yours is always on, check the outdoor unit as we explained in this tutorial – other than that you’ll have call for professional help!

The AC Shuts Off Randomly or Doesn’t Turn on at All

Electrical or wiring issues usually cause these symptoms. HVAC problems are never fun, but they can be even worse when you’re feeling hot and your AC is off. The fix for this problem may not seem like an option because it seems impossible – that’s why we recommend calling in professionals right away!

There Are Strange Noises From Your AC

If you’re noticing strange noises coming out of your air conditioning system, there could be a few reasons.

First off clear any debris that may have been causing the problem and make sure everything is oiled properly inside before continuing on with other solutions such as checking for tight components or wires whose terminals might have come loose due to heat damage over time (this will sound obvious but sometimes people forget).

Other than these standard checks try turning up iced cold water overnight – this can sometimes revive an old unit!

What’s That Smell From Your AC?

Strange smells from your AC are never a good sign. It doesn’t matter if you’re hot or cold, there will always be something happening in your home that brings about an unpleasant odor. The root cause is usually fixable but call a professional to diagnose the problem for sure!

There’s Moisture Leaking From the AC

Excess moisture near your AC could be a toxic refrigerant leak. Your home’s air conditioner is a vital part of its structure. Without it, you could experience moisture intrusion and rot that will cost more to repair than just replacing the unit altogether!

If there are signs like this leaking near your AC then shut down immediately so repairs can be made before things get worse; don’t risk having damage done because we didn’t take care soon enough at first glance


Signs You Should Replace Your AC

Eventually, it’s no longer cost-effective to repair your AC. You may not be aware of it but eventually, all cooling systems have a lifespan. If you’re noticing any one or more signs from this list then congratulations because your AC is reaching its end! Here are some signs that your AC needs to be replaced.

It Breaks Down Often

First, frequent repairs can cost more per year than replacing your AC. Talk to a local AC technician to see how much you’ll save by getting a new system.

It’s no secret that air conditioning systems in your house can be a major expense. If you want to avoid any pesky problem and costly repairs, just replace it with something new!
A local AC repairman will tell you all about how much money you could save by going through this process–it might make sense for him/her to also give some advice on what kind of unit would best suit your home needs too.

It’s Expensive to Use

The older your air conditioning system gets, the more expensive it is to run. That’s why when you’re looking at replacing an AC or have new construction coming up in a few years – think about how much money can be saved by going with something efficient and getting rid of that old unit!

It’s Old or Outdated

AC systems don’t typically last much longer than ten years, and it’s important to regularly inspect your home for any signs of wear or tear. A system that is outdated will only be able serve you well within this short lifespan before becoming inefficient with its energy consumption rates as newer models use more efficient technology which can save money in long run costs while still providing excellent cooling capabilities!

It Doesn’t Keep Your Home Cool

Lastly, your AC shouldn’t be struggling to keep your home cool. If you’ve repaired your AC and it isn’t cooling your home efficiently, get it replaced. The unit takes longer than usual for temperatures in the home to drop below 76°F at night while everyone sleeps (or 22 hours if there’s no sun outside).

This means that even on standby mode–which uses less energy—it needs higher voltages just so everything stays cool enough inside during these hot summer days we keep having every day plus evenings when most people want their bedrooms around 68 degrees rather than 75+ where they should.


Call a Licensed AC Technician

The guidelines in this article are a great start, but they’re not the end-all be all. If you have doubts about your AC system’s condition or functionality please consult with someone who specializes in cooling systems and indoor climate control installation for advice before taking any unnecessary risks!


Do You Need Professional AC Help?

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