Patriot Pros Offers $2500 Scholarship #StayCoolSummer

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$2500 Scholarship #StayCoolSummer

What’s better than free money? Free money to help pay for college, of course! We have the perfect contest if you’re a Colorado resident eager to reduce your tuition bill. Give us your best creative effort, and you could win a $2500 scholarship.

Community Driven

Patriot Pros, a leading HVAC company in Colorado, offers a $2500 scholarship to one lucky student attending college in the state. The submission deadline is Aug 30, 2022, so don’t delay!

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students passionate about helping their community while attending higher education. Patriot Pros is committed to helping students achieve their dreams; this scholarship is just one way we do that.

This scholarship is perfect if you’re passionate about giving back to your community and want to help others achieve their goals. Apply today and make your community proud. Patriot Pros is a leader in the heating and cooling industry, and we’re committed to helping our customers and community.

Patriot Pros has been servicing the heating and cooling needs of the Denver metro area for over 20 years. We’re a family-owned and operated business and take pride in our work. We’re dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable price and are committed to giving back to our community.

We know that times are tough, and many students are struggling. That’s why we’re helping students succeed in their studies. With this scholarship, we hope to make college more affordable and help students reach their full potential.

Who Can Apply?

If you’re a student currently enrolled at a Colorado college, you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship. There are no GPA requirements- we’re simply looking for creative and original submissions. You must submit a short essay (800 words or more), infographic, or video on “When a Smart Thermostat Isn’t the Smart Choice.” This scholarship is open to students at every level- whether you’re just starting college or halfway through your degree, you have a chance to win!

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship:

  1. Visit
  2. Include your name, contact information, and the name of the Colorado college you’re currently attending.
  3. Attach your essay, infographic, or video file to the application.

The deadline to apply is Aug 30, 2022.

What are we Looking for in Submissions?

We’re looking for submissions that are creative, original, and thought-provoking. Your request should be on “When a Smart Thermostat Isn’t the Smart Choice.” We’ll judge submissions based on creativity, clarity, and overall quality. So put your thinking cap on and show us what you’ve got! Be creative- we’re looking for original and thought-provoking submissions.

We’ll also feature the winning submission on our website and social media channels- so you can get some well-deserved recognition for your hard work.

Scholarship Winner

You can track the contest with the hashtag #StayCoolSummer. Be sure to include your name, school, and contact information so we can reach you if you win. We’ll review applications and choose a winner based on academic excellence, community involvement, and need.

Whether you’re just starting or are nearing the end of your studies, this scholarship can make a big difference in helping you achieve your goals. The $2500 prize can be used for any expense related to your education, including tuition fees, textbooks, housing costs, and more.

We hope you will consider applying, as the $2500 prize would greatly help you achieve your educational goals. Please apply soon if you’re enrolled in a Colorado college or considering it! We look forward to hearing from you.

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