What The Pros Want You To Know About Your HVAC System

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What To Know About Your HVAC System

HVAC Professionals. The folks you call when your cooling or heating system isn’t working.  That just touches the surface of what HVAC technicians do for your home’s most valuable systems.  Investing in your home comfort system goes beyond just replacing your furnace every decade or so. While most people understand the need to replace their furnace filter, there are still a few things our HVAC technicians wish people knew:

Proactive is better (and less expensive) than Reactive

Many repairs can be avoided by scheduling seasonal maintenance on both your air conditioner and furnace. Small issues can be fixed before they become a larger concern. All this leads to peace of mind as well as helping to keep your furnace or air conditioner last longer and more efficiently.  Staying ahead of your systems can keep big surprises at bay.

With HVAC Contractors You Get What You Pay For

Replacing a furnace or air conditioner is one of the most expensive repair that most homeowners have to face. The cheapest contractor is not what you want to find. There are many options out there with a broad range of pricing.  Ask your contractor about the process, what to expect and the process they will take.  Make sure you choose a reputable contractor, and do your research beforehand!  There is usually a reason a company will undercut pricing. This could be due to skipping steps, materials, permits, and unexperienced installers.  Make sure you are comfortable with your HVAC pros.

Size Matters!

Contrary to what most people might assume, bigger is not always better. Fitting the proper size furnace to your home is crucial in getting efficient, even heating in your home.  Consult your HVAC pro to find out what size system your home needs.  A system that is too small will be overworking to keep your home comfortable.  A system that is too large for the space will short-cycle, cutting off mid-cycle which is hard on your system and likely shorten lifespan of your furnace or air conditioner and its components.

It May Still Work, But…

Outdated HVAC units might be costing you a lot of extra money on your utility bill.  The older and less maintained your furnace or air conditioner is, the harder it typically ends up working to keep you comfortable.  Furnaces over ten years should be looked at with a critical eye as to efficiency.  Keep an eye on your energy bills for rising costs, and consider replacing once operating efficiency drops considerably.

If you’d like to find out more about properly maintaining your HVAC system in Castle Rock, Colorado, give Patriot Pros a ring.  We can help out with annual maintenance, furnace and heater repair, and air conditioning repair and installation.

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